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    LED Grow Lights Save Money and Power

    Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are compound semiconductor devices that convert electricity to light. LEDs are robust and highly resistant to shock and vibration as opposed to traditional incandescent, fluorescent and neon light sources.


    The benefits of using LEDs vary depending on the application, but typical technology features include:

    --Up to 90 percent energy-cost savings
    --A long life of up to 50,000 hours
    --Minimized maintenance hassles and costs
    --Low-voltage operation
    --Excellent cold-weather performance
    --Environmental friendly because it has no mercury content


    Getting the most value from LED involves more than just a great LED. It requires a great system design. LED solution is only as good as its weakest link. LED Systems should combine the best available components with innovative optical, electrical and thermal management designs to create "complete" LED systems that are optimized for superior performance.


    In hydroponics, LED hydroponics light is the most recommended type of light source because it gives superior contribution to hydroponic plant growth. It does not only give favorable lighting for hydroponic plants because of the precise light energy it produces but it is also an economical and very easy to maintain. Because of the accurate light that it gives hydroponic plants, the harvests are said to be healthier and more nutritious. This type of grow light consumes less power because it does not require ballasts and produces just a fraction of the heat of high intensity discharge lamps. This is why more and more growers prefer to use it.

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