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    Grow Tent/Box

    The popular and smart solution for indoor growing where to place the whole hydroponics system.Greenhouse effect, Portability, Customization, Energy efficiency, Durability, High Reflective, Non-Toxic, Waterproof.

    Grow Tent/Box Info

    The grow tent/box is just perfect if you want to start growing plants indoors. It is very easy to setup and It is fire and water resistant which makes it very safe for you to grow your own plants indoors.

    Grow tents are used to control contained plants indoors and give them the proper growing environment. To be able to make the model environment for growing plants indoors it takes painstaking tracking of the heat and light that the environment is exposed to. Because of this grow tents are designed with a layer that consists of a thermal film. This film is extremely reflective so it gives the plants the proper amount of light that they need to first germinate from seeds and then grow to maturity. It is also water resistant as well as a good source of insulation for heat. Since it does not give off toxic fumes it will not be a risk source for plants.

    Advantages of Using a Grow Tent:

    Portability – Tents are made of super lightweight materials and often fir into a medium to large sized duffle bag. They are super easy to assemble and disassemble, often requiring no special tools at all. You can easily move them from room to room or to a new home.
    Greenhouse Effect – No matter where you live, a grow tent allows you to grow plants as if you had a greenhouse. You can extend your growing season significantly, and grow plants you might not otherwise be able to have if you live in a colder climate.
    Customization – Not only can you completely control the temperature, you can control the humidity levels as well. Some tents also come with different levels of shelving so that you can move plants closer to or farther away from the lights as they grow.
    Energy Efficiency – The reflective material inside of grow tents ensures that every ray of light reaches you plants and none is wasted. Controlling temperature in such a small space also saves a lot more energy than if you were trying to do the same in an open room.
    Durability – Although the materials they are made out of are lightweight, they are extremely strong and durable. Manufacturers use strong, heavy duty zippers as well to ensure a long life and many years of successful gardening.

    Where to Put a Grow Tent:

    Growt tents come in a huge variety of sizes. The size you decide to go with will depend largely on how much space you have available, or where you want to put it. If you live in a studio apartment or want to put the tent inside of your bedroom closet, you would do best to go with a smaller size. If you have a large utility room or garage to dedicate to your garden, you could use a much larger tent.

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