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    50W UFO LED Grow Light

    Item No.: WY-G16

    50x1w high power LED diodes

    Full spectrum:Red+Blue+Orange+white+IR+UV

    Epistar,Cree,Bridgelux LED chip

    Equal to 200-300w HPS/MH,save 80% power consumption

    CE&RoHs Approved

    Product Discription

    1) Full spectrum:  Red 660nm + 630nm

                    Blue 475nm + 430nm

                    Orange 615nm

                    White 4500k

                    IR 740nm

                    UV 380nm

    2) Special Ratio: 77%Red,10%Blue,7%Orange,3%white,3%IR+UV

    3) Built-in 1 cooling fans, unique heat sink

    4) Built-in hanging hardware, easy to set up in minutes, Plug N Play.

    5) 3 years warranty

    Product Specification









    Input voltage(V)



    1800 Lm

    Input current(A)



    50,000 Hours

    Work  frequency(Hz)

    50/60 Hz


    Red/Blue/Orange/White/IR /UV

    The height above the plant(m)


    Suggested lighting time per day(hrs)


    Package Includes:

    1x UFO LED Light 

    1x Power Cord 

    1x Hanging Kit

    Product Feature

    1) Use high efficient 50x1w LED as the light source

    2) Wide beam angle: 90/120 degree

    3) Red,Blue,Orange,White,IR,UV mixed together provide exact spectrum for plant growth.

    4) Blue is good for vegetatives and red&Orange&UV is good for flowering and budding

    5) Those wavelength can be adjusted according to your practical application..

    6) Emit exact spectrum required by photosynthesis, no light wasted in the light spectrum for plant growth

    7) No ballasts or reflectors needed..

    8) build-in power supply with CE approved

    9) Unique heat dissipation device: thermostatically controlled fans to keep LED light cool.

    10) LED Grow Lights are warm to touch and will not scorch young or tender plants.

    11) Small light decay, long lifespan: 50000h

    12) Environment-friendly: have no mercury and other harmful heavy metal, emit no light harmful for plant.

    13) Energy-saving: emitting light fully absorbed by plant, much efficient compared to HID grow lights to produce the same result.

    14) Different powers (watt) are available: 3w/9w,15w/45w, 50w/90w, 120w/300w/600w/1200w for your selection.

    15) OEM & ODM is acceptable


    Product Application

    Hydroponic & Horticulture & Greenhouse lighting, Home gardening & Farm & Flower Exhibition



    1. Indoor use only

    2. Do not use in dripping water or dripping irrigation place to avoid light damage.

    3. The led grow light lighting time plus sunlight lighting time should be 10-14hrs.

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