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    LED Tree Light

    Govermental lighting projects; decoration for buildings, streets, gardens, rivers, trees, hotels, shopping malls, night scene, and various kinds of places of interest and places of entertainment
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    LED Christmas Tree Light Info

    Light-Emitting Diodes....commonly known as "LEDs" have no filament to "burn out", they give off a minimal amount of heat, make better use of electrical power, and when one does stop functioning - the entire string of lights will not cease to light. They contain no filament and are not nearly as fragile as incandescent bulbs.

    When these were first introduce they were only available in red...not the first choice of colored LED lights to decorate a Christmas [Xmas] tree. Today you can find LED lights in a myriad of colors, shapes, sizes, and functions. They can blink, twinkle, and [probably] nod at a variety of speeds and designs....you are left to choose.

    Here is a list of the advantages of LEDs over incandescent and fluorescent lights;

    * LEDs are encased in thick plastic for safety reasons.

    * They are less expensive than their competition.

    * LEDS last much longer - 50 - 100,000 hours as compared to [approximately] 1,000 hours for incandescent and 10,000 for fluorescent.

    * They are more reliable...the entire string does not cease if one bulb does not function.

    * Smaller...store easier, less weight on the tree. Also, due to less weight - less tangles when re-using them next year.

    * Require less energy - save on power cost - 33% less!

    * LEDs are brighter than any other light.

    * Greater flexibility regarding dimming, color changes, on/off. They also blink and twinkle. They are available in green red, white, and blue plus more! They can be used indoors or outdoors.

    * The shapes and sizes that are available are endless. They include cluster, mini, icicle, micro, and miniature - there are more!

    The above will serve to highlight the functionality of LEDs versus any other type of decorative lighting. The safety features are very large and, as a result, the use of LED Christmas tree lights will continue to grow and surpass their competition. They are infinitely safer for use on an artificial, imitation or fake Christmas tree due their lower operating temperature.

    Think safety and economy and have the BEST

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