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    LED Tube Light

    It is very nice replacement for the traditional T8 tube light, suitable for office, station, school etc.

    Light tubes in electronic devices

    Molded plastic light tubes are commonly used in the electronics industry to conduct illumination from LEDs on a circuit board to indicator symbols or buttons. These light tubes typically take on a highly complex shape that uses either gentle curving bends as in an optic fiber or have sharp prismatic folds which reflect off the angled corners. Multiple light tubes are often molded from a single piece of plastic, permitting easy device assembly since the long thin light tubes are all part of a single rigid component that snaps into place.

    Light tube indicators make electronics cheaper to manufacture since the old way would be to mount a tiny lamp into a small socket directly behind the spot to be illuminated. This often requires extensive hand-labor for installation and wiring. Light tubes permit all lights to be mounted on a single flat circuit board, but the illumination can be directed up and away from the board by several inches, wherever it is required.

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